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                        Die casting
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                        Blank out of the mold
                        Mold base
                        Die casting workshop
                        Die casting for soup
                        Die casting blank pile
                        Automatic melting furnace
                        Machine and polishing Нажмите, чтобы увеличить
                        Welding assembly line
                        The welding feature
                        Add tapping machine
                        Machining line
                        Four hole boring and tapping
                        Pressure test Нажмите, чтобы увеличить
                        Blank test
                        Multichip monolithic pressure testing
                        The assembly pressure testing
                        Monolithic blasting tests
                        The finished product sampling
                        The finished rolled off the production line inspection
                        The coating
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                        Electrophoresis out of the groove
                        Electrophoresis into the slot
                        Automatic electrophoresis
                        Automatic plastic spraying 1
                        Automatic plastic spraying
                        Automatic painting line
                        Professional testing
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                        Processing size detection
                        Processing end of tolerance
                        Machining thread detection
                        The torsion test
                        The coating film thickness test
                        The coating salt fog weather resistance test
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