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                        Tips for Radiator Application
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                        1.Don't shift the vavle on the heating pipe frequently. You should debug the vavle when the heating system works first time.Turn on the vavle to exhaust, the debugging haven't  been done until each unit is hot.

                        2.Don't place some furnitures or other things around  the radiator,keep some space for radiator to thermal discharge.

                        3.Don't move the radiator at will.The radiators are generally installed under the window or near the window to ensure air convection and  the average temperature of room.On the other hand, when the pipe and  the radiator are moved, it will probably happen to leak and make some loss to the family.

                        4.Don't drain away water from the heating system.If there is not enough hot water in the pipe, you should put in some cold water to maintain the pressure of the pipe.  The more hot water you lose, the lower temperature of water in pipe would be,and the room temperature will drop rapidly.

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