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Our new line of collectible reproduction Tsuba is shown below.  Each piece has its own wooden display box and a collector rack is available to display all 30 pieces.

These beautiful tsuba are made by Hanwei...the same company that is responsible for our fine swords.  All of these tsuba can be fitted to any of the Hanwei swords with minimal effort.

(It may take a few moments for all of the photographs to appear!)

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1101-gt.jpg (23962 bytes)
1101-GT Three Rabbits (Katana)
1102-GT  (Wakizashi)*

1103-gt.jpg (27719 bytes)
1103-GT Autumn Millet (Katana)
1104-GT  (Wakizashi)*

1105-gt.jpg (26499 bytes)
1105-GT Lion & Peony (Katana)
1106-GT (Wakizashi)*


1107-gt.jpg (24807 bytes)
1107-GT Dancing Crane (Katana)
1108-GT (Wakizashi)*
1109-gt.jpg (24359 bytes)
1109-GT Fierce Tiger on Rock
1110-GT (Wakizashi)*


1111-gt.jpg (24936 bytes)
1111-GT T'ung Leaf Pattern
1112-gt.jpg (30062 bytes)
1112-GT T'ung Leaf Pattern
(Gold Plating)**
1113-gt.jpg (25588 bytes)
1113-GT Eagle on Pine
1114-gt.jpg (27467 bytes)
1114-GT Eagle on Pine
(Gold Plating)**


1115-gt.jpg (27016 bytes)
1115-GT Sakura & Crane
1116-gt.jpg (29744 bytes)
1116-GT Sakura & Crane
(Gold Plating)**
1117-gt.jpg (28758 bytes)
1117-GT Wave


1118-gt.jpg (31303 bytes)
1118-GT Wave
(Gold Plating)**
1119-gt.jpg (22946 bytes)
1119-GT Egret
1120-gt.jpg (26961 bytes)
1120-GT Egret
(Gold Plating)**


1121-gt.jpg (24037 bytes)
1121-GT Spring Plum
1122-gt.jpg (25284 bytes)
1122-GT Summer Orchid
1123-gt.jpg (27802 bytes)
1123-GT Autumn Chrysanthemum


1124-gt.jpg (22571 bytes)
1124-GT Winter Bamboo
1151-gt.jpg (23120 bytes)
1151-GT Takeda Shingen
1152-gt.jpg (33933 bytes)
1152-GT Uesugi Kenshin


1153-gt.jpg (38187 bytes)
1153-GT Oda Nobunaga
1154-gt.jpg (32036 bytes)
1154-GT Toyoyomi Hideyoshi


1155-gt.jpg (23481 bytes)
1155-GT Tokugawa Ieyasu
*Wakizashi tsuba are proportionately smaller than the Katana tsuba.
**Limited quantity of the gold platted tsuba available.


1156-gt.jpg (26599 bytes)
1156-GT Date Masamune

Prices are as follows:

Katana:    $40.00

Wakizashi:   $38.00

Gold Plated:  $45.00

Generals:   $55.00


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