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The Naginata was the weapon of choice for groups such as the Sohei, or Budhist warrior monks of the 11th century...certainly formidable in the hands of an expert!

We offer two versions of this elegant weapon:  Single-piece wooden staff, and two-piece.  Both have long tangs and are laquered black with bronze detailing.  The tsuba on this piece is of a silver butterfly motif.  Both have lacquered wooden saya.  A traditional blade maintenance kit is included with either version.

The blade is approximately 21.5" in length to the tsuba.  Overall length is about 62".

These weapons, like the swords, are designed to be fully functional and, although beautiful, can be quite dangerous.

It is important to note that whereas an authentic Japanese Naginata would have a shaft with an oval cross-section, this weapon has a round cross-section.

Naginata (1 piece)  (20-GT)     $ 630.00 US

Naginata (2 piece)  (09-GT)     $ 630.00 US


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